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La Torre alle Tolfe is a third-generation family-run estate close to the medieval city of Siena.


At the heart of the estate is an impressive villa which is privately let to exclusive groups.


From the surrounding farmland the Castelli family produce organic Chianti wine and extra-virgin olive oil.


A number of other former farm buildings in the estate have been converted to charming apartments, well-appointed and with wonderful views over the adjacent countryside and across to Siena.


The entire estate is managed by the Castelli family with a close-knit team, many of whom have spent much of their lives working on the property.

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La Torre alle Tolfe Luigi LunellaLuigi Castelli, with his beloved wife, Lunella, purchased La Torre alle Tolfe in the 1950s and began a remarkable series of projects to renovate the villa and adjacent buildings, together with the gardens around them.

La Torre alle Tolfe Mania MarkMania Castelli moved back from the UK, with her husband Mark Spalding, and their family to live on the estate in 2015. Both share a passion for Le Tolfe, and for Siena, the culture, history and the natural world all around them. Mania is now fully involved in running the estate while Mark works in the University of Siena.

La Torre alle Tolfe Sergio Lo JaconoSergio Lo Jacono is the estate manager and oenologist with a distinguished background in Tuscan wines and organic viticulture.

La Torre alle Tolfe Marco CastelliMarco Castelli took over the running of the estate from his father in the 1980s and was responsible for continued work on the villa and surrounding properties and vineyards. More recently he has researched the history of the estate, and written a Brief History of “Castro de Tolfis”. The ownership of the estate is now shared between Marco and his daughter Mania and son, Giotto.

La Torre alle Tolfe Giotto CastelliGiotto Castelli is an aeronautical engineer based in Cambridge, UK, and takes an active interest in the property.

With our staff we form a close-knit community. Three families in particular make up our key workforce and have contributed greatly to life at La Torre alle Tolfe for decades.

La Torre alle TOlfe staff

Marco Cannoni

La Torre alle Tolfe staff

Giuseppe Giordano

La Torre alle Tolfe staff

Agron Velaj

La Torre alle Tolfe staff

Barbara Coli

La Torre alle Tolfe Staff

Nunzia Sirica

La Torre alle TOlfe staff

Shqipe Velaj

La Torre alle TOlfe staff

Isabel Guedez di Dinelli

La Torre alle Tolfe Claudia Tortorelli

Claudia Tortorelli